WOW- I’m Finally Back! (No Doula Work Until 2011 though.)

I want to first apologize wholeheartedly for the lack of posts and communication for this site. I recently had my first daughter, (yes it was a home VBAC!), and right after that, I moved. Needless to say it’s been a crazy two months.

Secondly, I apologize to all of you who have sent me emails with no reply. My doula email was hooked up to my home computer, which as of right now is still not set up in our new house. I would still love to stay in contact with my readers, so if you have any questions or if i can help you find another doula, please feel free to contact me by this email-

I will not be doing any doula work until at least 2011, when I feel my baby can be left for longer periods of time. I so love what I do, but know that I need to put her first.

My daughter is absolutely perfect in every way, and I hope very soon to have a picture and birth story update!

Love to all,


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