Questions to Ask Your Hospital

  • 1. Do you put IV’s in upon admission?
  • 2. Does the hospital encourage natural births? Are there certain nurses who are partial to natural birthing? Who are they?
  • 3. Can I choose to labor in the tub or shower? What if my water has broken?
  • 4. Do you have birth balls or stools?
  • 5. Do you encourage different positions for labor and birth?
  • 6. Is continuous fetal monitoring standard? If so do you have other options?
  • 7. Do you accept or encourage my choice to have a doula present?
  • 8. If I have a birth plan will it be respected and followed as closely as possible?
  • 9. After the baby is born, what procedures do you usually take with a healthy baby?
  • 10. Does the baby room in with me or mostly in the nursery?
  • 11. Do you do water births?
  • 12. During labor, do you encourage walking around?
  • 13. Do you allow the drinking of fluids in place of an IV?
  • 14. Do you allow me to snack lightly to keep my energy up?
  • 15. What is the cesarean rate or percentage at your hospital?

    • Episiotomy?
    • Epidural?
    • Use of Pitocin?
    • Use of Vacuum or Forceps?
    • 16. How many people can I have in my labor and birthing room?
  • 17. Are the labor and delivery rooms private?
  • 18. In the unplanned event of a cesarean birth, who is allowed to be in the room with me? Is there any lenience with this?
  • 19. Can I listen to music or watch TV during labor?
  • 20. In my labor, delivery, and maternity rooms, can I dim the lights and change the temperature?
  • 21. Is it acceptable to labor in deliver in my own clothing instead of a hospital gown?
  • 22. How often do you administer vaginal exams?
  • 23. Do you monitor contractions? Can I opt out of this?
  • 24. Does my baby go immediately to the nursery after birth? If so, what is the minumum length of time required?
  • 25. Can the birth companion accompany the baby in the nursery room?
  • 26. Do you have hot and cold compresses to use for comfort during labor?
  • 27. Does the hospital generally encourage breastfeeding?
  • 28. Can I choose to delay the ointment in the baby’s eyes and the cleaning and suctioning of the baby if he/she is healthy?
  • 29. Is the blood pressure cuff be removed during readings?
  • 30. Can I take pictures and or video of my baby’s birth? In the event of a cesarean?

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